Photography contest

Concurso Fotografía 



Anyone over 18 is invited to participate as long as they are the rightful authors of the photographs submitted.


The goal of the contest is to look for creations in which animals are the main subject of the photographs.

Files with content contrary to the right to honor, harmful to personal or family privacy or to the image of individuals will not be published or accepted. In short, any file contrary to current legislation will not be accepted.


All the photographs submitted must be original and they must not have been awarded with any other contest prizes. The photographs that do not meet this requirement will be automatically disqualified. The photographs will only be accepted in digital format with a 3 megapixel minimum size resolution and in high quality. Works that do not meet the required technical requirements, or that the contest organization considers not to cover the minimum requested quality standards will be rejected.

All the photographs submitted will be the sole property of Felixcan SL, which shall be free to use them for exhibitions, to publish them in specialized publications directly or in cooperation with third parties, and keep a database of these photographs on its website.


The works will be necessarily emailed to the following address at Each email will be followed by a text message with the following subject: International Photography Contest’. In the message, the title of the photograph must be indicated as well as being followed by this information: name and last name, national identity card or passport numbers, phone number, date of birth and email address. All these data will remain at the disposal of the abovementioned website.

Each author will receive a confirmation email the same way confirming the enrollment that will determine the final registration.

The submittal of the works in the contest implies the full acceptance of these rules.


The deadline to submit photographs ends on January 31st of 2015 at 24 hours, this deadline may be subject to be extended.


Participants in the contest certify that the works submitted will not affect the image of others and that they have proper authorization for reproduction and exposures.


The following prizes are established:

  • 1st Prize of 2000€.
  • 2nd Prize of 1000€.
  • 3rd Prize of 750€.
  • 4th Prize of 500€.
  • 5th Prize of 250€. (3 prizes in this category)



The payment will be for the prize amount, less bank transfer fees and less the mandatory withholdings of taxes established by law.